FAQs - Meet Genie
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How does Genie work for teams?

Teams will share one profile, but each member will have a separate login. Please complete your profile from a shared point of view, using your joint portfolio and your past experience as a team to write your bio. This also means that only one member will need to respond to an incoming brief. You’ll only be matched to briefs that are looking for a Creative Team.


How do I know if my partner has responded to a brief already?

We are currently in the process of adding a notification so that it is clear when one member has responded. In the meantime, you’ll need to communicate with each other so that only one of you puts your interest forward.


What happens if I change creative partners?

No problem at all! Please get in touch with a member of the team at support@meetgenie.co and we will help you to amend your profile.


Can I have a team and solo profile on Genie?

Of course! To have both a team and solo profile on Genie, you will be required to have two separate email addresses and you will have to log in and out between the two. We are working on making this process smoother, but if you are interested in setting up a solo profile, please reach out to support@meetgenie.co.