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    UK’s top 100 disruptive startups revealed.


    The UK’s longest running index of disruptive new startups, the Startups 100, has released its 2021 lineup.

    Multiverse, a startup launched by Euan Blair and providing apprenticeships for the digital age, is at No.1.

    Run by, the Startups 100 offers a showcase of new businesses that demonstrate innovation, solid financials, economic impact and the ability to scale.

    The list has previously identified brands including Revolut, Deliveroo and HelloFresh.

    See below the top five businesses profiled, followed by the other 95 companies.

    1. Multiverse

    Founded by Euan Blair in 2016, Multiverse (formerly WhiteHat) is bringing apprenticeships into the digital age, and making top jobs in law, media, tech and finance accessible for those from ethnic minority and lower socioeconomic backgrounds. The Multiverse platform measures potential beyond academic achievement, using applied learning programmes and matching software to help its 16-24 year-old candidates secure jobs at the likes of Google, Facebook, and KPMG.

    2. Cera

    Digital-first healthcare company Cera provides nurse and carer visits, home medication delivery services and telehealth calls to those in need. Since appearing 24th in last year’s ranking, Cera has seen astonishing growth. It has over 6,000 staff and delivers more than 30,000 healthcare visits a day – equivalent to 40 NHS hospitals. Now licensing its technology to more than 2,000 businesses, and having expanded to Germany and Spain, Cera is showing no signs of slowing down.

    3. Farewill

    Founded in 2016, Farewill is on a mission to make “everything to do with death simpler, faster, and fairer” by bringing it online. Its will-writing service costs just £90 and can be completed in 15 minutes, and it claims its funeral plans can be £2,500 cheaper than a traditional funeral. With over £1 trillion set to pass between generations over the next 10 years, Farewill is well positioned for growth.

    4. KIDLY

    KIDLY was founded by James Hart, the first employee at ASOS. KIDLY is a one-stop shop for products aimed at 0-5 year olds. It now sells more than 4,000 products, and generates 15% of its revenue from its own-brand products. It’s the details that we admire about KIDLY: all of its packaging is recycled or biodegradable, every product is tested by kids and approved by parents, and its live chat is staffed entirely by parents.

    5. Virti

    Virti is using virtual and augmented reality to allow professionals in healthcare and Fortune 500 companies to learn and train for infrequent, high-risk, high-pressure scenarios. Its education analytics software then enables video analysis and CGI training simulations in order “to treat employees like high-performance athletes”. Claiming to improve knowledge retention by 230% and decision-making speed by 17%, Virti is already used internationally by large healthcare providers and has early customers in oil and gas, aviation, and corporate training.

    6 Floom Ltd
    7 allplants
    8 Vet-AI
    9 Birdie
    10 Element
    11 TaxScouts
    12 Urban Jungle
    13 The Cheeky Panda Ltd
    14 Holy Moly Dips
    15 YuLife
    16 Distributed
    17 Feast It
    18 Shojin Property Partners
    19 Beam
    20 Genesis Homes
    21 RideTo
    22 Poplar.Studio
    23 Ember Snacks
    24 Genflow
    25 Creoate
    26 The Moot Group
    28 Wild
    29 Learnerbly
    30 Home Made
    31 Rap Tech Studios Ltd (trading as Rap Fame)
    32 Sokin
    33 YourZooki
    34 Grubby
    35 VenueScanner
    36 Farillio
    37 Edgify
    38 Dragonfly AI
    39 Sauce Shop
    40 Measure Protocol Ltd
    41 Hertility Health
    43 Oxwash
    44 Boundary Technologies
    45 Circuit
    46 Spacemade
    47 Nucoro
    48 Avva Experience
    49 Juggle
    50 Love Cocoa
    51 Brand Advance Ltd
    52 UpCircle Beauty
    53 OneFifty Consultancy
    54 Tally Market
    55 Tapoly
    56 Grocemania
    57 iLoF – Intelligent Lab On Fiber
    58 Picnic
    59 myenergi
    60 Peyk
    61 Mama Bamboo
    62 PixelMax
    63 DirectlyApply
    64 Connectd
    65 Uhubs
    66 AeroCloud
    67 Presto Coffee
    68 PushFar
    69 houzen
    70 Champion Health
    71 Rentuu
    72 Tumelo
    73 &SISTERS
    74 Sano Genetics
    75 Claimer
    76 KatKin
    77 Wombat Invest
    78 Meet Genie Limited – AKA GENIE
    79 Molo
    80 Lifesaver
    81 Startup Logistics
    82 ImproveWell Ltd
    83 Zoa Rental
    84 Boomin
    85 THIS
    86 Ravin AI
    87 Numan
    88 Hi55 Ventures
    89 Jisp
    90 Universal Partners FX
    91 Howamigoing
    92 Octaive Limited
    93 Cudoni
    94 SEIKK
    95 KinKind
    96 Kinherit Ltd
    97 The Youth Group
    98 Amity Brew Co
    99 Neat Home Ltd
    100 Careology

    This article was originally published in BusinessCloud on  October 4th, 2021.