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Inside Creative Minds: THE REPORT

We surveyed 1001 creative professionals to understand what environments best facilitate the creative mind.

While much research has been commissioned regarding working habits, the vast majority have approached the topic from a macro, non-sector specific perspective.

At GENIE, we’re specifically interested in understanding the creative mind, so we decided to do some research of our own…

Key findings



Say that working from home helps them be more creative
1 in 3

1 in 3

vote 'on a walk' as the top place for coming up with their best ideas
> 1 in 3 (35%)

> 1 in 3 (35%)

Rank self-motivation as the most underrated skill in creativity
7 in 10 think travel is creative

7 in 10

Creatives feel that technology is positive to their overall creativity dispelling myths about Zoom and remote work killing creativity

Traveling is most important

The creative industry feels that experiences like travelling are the most important factor in shaping a creative person, ahead of practice and practical experience, education and role models.

The creative mind looks at things differently